Tiny Home living is becoming increasingly popular; and for good reason. Here are some main reasons why living tiny could be in your favor. 

Financial Independence

Tiny Homes are an affordable living option. (Especially with an ECLIPSE® Cottage) Tiny Homes typically cost a third of the price of any modern home currently on the market. Freeing up expensive rents or mortgages will leave you with extra cash to live a more abundant lifestyle. Of course many will argue that you need land and are required to live in a town that allows tiny homes, which is true, but there are also more and more tiny home communities popping up as tiny home living is becoming more of a norm. For instance, ECLIPSE® has two tiny home communities located in upstate South Carolina with more on the way. You can check out our ECLIPSE® Villages at ECLIPSEvillages.com. With low monthly lot fees and financing options available, you can easily cut your monthly living expenses in half, if not more. If you were looking for land that allows tiny homes, your first step would be research the local town ordinances. If you cannot find the information on the local government page, simply find a contact form and/or email them. It is definitely possible for towns to rezone any property.

Sustainable Living

Tiny homes are optimally designed to conserve energy. (Especially an ECLIPSE® Cottage) Our homes are extremely environmentally friendly and provide the ultimate health protection. Equipped standard with full solar roofing, battery backup, water filtration, and Hepa filtered ERV System. Our tiny homes have no CFC’s, HCFC’s, or off-gassing from the structure, and does not contain formaldehyde like many regular homes do today. We produce a cottage that generates more energy than it consumes. Less square footage means less area to heat and cool, less area to clean, less area to keep lit, and leaves you with much less maintenance needed. Tiny living will extremely reduce your carbon footprint.

Simple Living

Tiny living is simple living. When you have a smaller home, you have much less to maintain. Tiny living will also necessitate you to own fewer possessions. This will also lead you to lower your consumption of material goods. Simple living is another good way to lower expenses and help you save money, leaving you with more flexibility with your life. Simple living does not necessarily mean minimalist living. Minimalist living is a whole different extreme of simple living. Living simple can also lead to reduced stress from living with less. If you live within a tiny home community you will also be living around other like-minded individuals who want to live a simple lifestyle. 399 sq. ft. is the typical size of a tiny home, which sounds small, but once you get inside one of our Alpha Models, you’ll see that there is plenty of room for everything you need. Less house. More Home. ECLIPSE® Cottages.  


If you were looking for a more extreme lifestyle change to coincide with a minimalist lifestyle, off-grid living may be for you. ECLIPSE® uses patented solar roofing, wireless smart switches, SIP construction, water filtration and other housing technology so that you can have a home delivered and it just works. Due to our all steel construction, coupled with closed cell foam insulation, our homes will give you a huge advantage for a comfortable off-grid life compared to our competitors. Our homes are designed to be self-sufficient in life off the grid. We have plans to offer rainwater catch base filtration systems, greywater reuse systems, and blackwater management in future models.

Flexible Location

Living in a tiny home allows you to basically move wherever, whenever. If you are unhappy with your surroundings, neighbors, or job, you can pack up and leave town; taking your home with you. This will reduce the stress of moving since you will not need to search the MLS for a new home that works for you. Tiny Home Communities are popping up all over the US, and many town ordinances are finally allowing tiny living. You can even temporarily park your tiny home at many RV parks and resorts. Lots within our ECLIPSE® Villages are leased on a month to month basis, allowing you to have the utmost flexibility. We currently have two ECLIPSE® Villages available to live in, with many more planned on the way. 

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