Eclipse Village Communities

In select villages we are allowing some rental units.  We can completely manage the rental and send you profit sharing checks monthly.  Whether you want to buy an entire cottage, or would rather start with fractional ownership, we can help you get started in the cottage rental market starting at only $500!

Buy an Indie

Our indie model is the smallest unit and the least expensive way to get into the rental market.  For about $25k you can own your own Indie model.  Whether in an Eclipse Village or in your backyard, you can earn quick rental income with your own Eclipse Cottage.

Buy an Alpha/Omega

Our Alpha/ Omega models demand a higher rental price and if they are in an Eclipse Village have historically increased in value. Starting at about $130k in an Eclipse Village.

Buy a Fractional Share

With our fraction shares you can own as little as 1/52nd of a cottage.  For each fractional share you own, you can vacation for one week in it or in any similar cottage in our network for one week per year, or rent it out and earn your percentage of the rental income.  Upgrade your fractional shares whenever you want.

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