Learn About Our Homes

Our housing technology is focused on:
  1. Construction Technology
  2. Sustainable Technology
  3. Smart Housing Technology
  4. Financing

When you purchase our home you are investing in a sustainable home that helps you maximize your living and minimizes home and property maintenance time and costs. This is the heart of our ECLIPSE DNA: To help our customers experience more abundant living without the ongoing, and mundane rituals of home and property maintenance. We want to help our customers experience life to the fullest without having to worry about home and property upkeep.

Our homes are extremely energy efficient. We have done extensive research and design work of every ECLIPSE product to produce a safe, environmentally friendly home that is low maintenance and safe in terms of health and physical safety. Our homes are designed to be self-sufficient in life off the grid, or located within a community. Assets are not limited to but include:

  • Steel stud construction
  • Steel exterior
  • Closed cell foam insulation
  • Rainwater catch base filtration systems
  • Greywater reuse systems
  • Blackwater management
  • Fortified Solar Roofing

Advantages of ECLIPSE Cottages

Imagine eliminating insects, ants, termites, pollen, mold, moisture and other health related and other destructive invaders in your next home? Our homes have no CFCs, HCFCs or off-gassing from the structure. Our structure does not contain formaldehyde like so many do today.

Say goodbye to bugs, insects and termites because there is no food source such as wood or cellulose inside the home to attract these pests. Steel construction not only repels these invaders it provides superior strength. Coupled with our custom formulated cell foam insulation you will experience greater sound protection, no water, smoke, pollen or exterior intrusions of traditional wood stud and roof constructed homes. Closed cell foam forms a barrier to exterior vapors, moisture, dust, pollen, mold spores providing healthier air inside your home.

Fire Free

Steel construction materials and non combustible insulation provide an extremely low risk to fire from outside and within the home.

Each of these intentional design dynamics set our brand apart from any other in the industry. Safety, reduced carbon footprint, energy efficiency and tax savings combine to allow our customers to enjoy life to the fullest.

We have been involved in the construction industry for years through sales, real estate, R&D, and design-build. We have taken the best the industry has to offer and coupled through innovation and extensive research we have developed the premier brand. We are breaking barriers and setting new standards for the industry in quality, materials, and technology all at an affordable price.


  • ANSI 119.5 Certified Tiny Home
  • R35 wall ceiling custom formula closed cell insulation Floor Space
  • 399 Sq. Ft. of livable space
  • ​5kw of Fortified Solar on every home
  • Multiple floor plans and loft options


  • Loft With Up To 399 Sq. Ft. Of Loft Space
  • ⅓ loft with or without wall, ⅔ loft raised or not on back ⅓, raised roof option so you can stand in our loft (limited availability), ½ bath option on raised roof option,
  • Additional option of up to 399 more Sq. Ft. of loft space with a 6'6" standing room at peak of roof (limited availability)
  • Half bath in loft
  • Optional Kitchen Island
  • Battery Backup
  • Water catchment and filtration
  • Greywater reuse
  • Blackwater management


  • Solar credits are available up to $25k cash value via actual tax credits. Varies based on final purchase price, solar installation and federal and state incentives at time of purchase. *
  • Tax deductible purchase with up to 100% bonus depreciation in year 1 with up to 37% tax benefit depending on your tax bracket.*
  • Cash savings of up to $1,200 per year of energy savings through solar energy production, premium insulation methods and cutting edge energy efficient technology.