Learn About Our Homes

When we sell you a home we will price it out for for it to be move in ready. Getting it there, connected, appliances checked, etc. You may or may not need to buy appliances depending on your home and selections, and you will be responsible for your own furniture, etc.

Yes you can. We can help arrange for delivery and leveling the home. But you’d be responsible for the connections to utilities as desired locally.

The short answer: technology. The longer answer is that we include over 5kw of Fortified Solar by ECLIPSE on every home, and an insane level of insulation that is 4x greater than what residential building code requires. Making your home uber efficient. Add in some off grid options and you’re ready to go.

The short answer is: nothing, we are tiny homes. The longer answer is that “Tiny Homes” is a vague term used to describe any living structure that is under 400 sq. ft. So a 401 sq. ft. home would technically NOT be a tiny home. Within the definition of tiny homes there are various options: THOWS, Park Models, Containers, Conversions, Modular, Manufactured, Stick Built, etc. Our cottages are currently offered only as Park Models. Park Models meet ANSI 119.5 codes.

First, you need to find out where you want to live, whether in our community or on your own property.  If in one of our communities the first step is setting up a tour and picking a lot.  Once you know where and you’re sure you want an ECLIPSE, then you can start the design process.  Once designed you can order your home.  We require 20% to start production and the remainder prior to shipment.  If in one of our communities final payment is due once home is move in ready in our community.

We work with several different financing companies.  Most require at least 10% down, including www.21stmortgage.com and www.triadfs.com.  If you have 50% down and will be in one of our communities you’ll qualify fo the best rates with one of our local lenders!

No.  Our base model does include a solar roof, but most of the Off Grid options are upgrades.  Please contact us about those options for more information.  

All of our homes are assembled by us and delivered fully assembled.  When delivered it can be leveled in position, but you’ll need a local contractor for completing the connections and for skirting, stairs, additional decking, etc.