We have developed our very own financing program exclusive to ECLIPSE Cottages.  


Our financing will have lower down payments, lower monthly costs, and less accrued interest than any other financing option on the market.

We are initially offering our Financing on ECLIPSE Cottages within ECLIPSE Villages only.  We plan on rolling our our ECLIPSE Financing to other builders and into other communities over time.  All ECLIPSE Financing will require a warranty / service plan to cover all damage, repairs, and maintenance.

Just some other ways we are helping you live your most abundant life.

Other Financing Options

21st Mortgage

Visit www.21stmortgage.com to apply.  Use retailer number: 2297/1 when applying.

Triad Financial

Another great option for our homes is www.triadfs.com.  They have been around for a while and may have better terms than 21st Mortgage.

Personal Loans

Some buyers simply go to their local bank or friends / family and get personal loans. They are a great option if you need it and have people that can help you out.