Join our network of tiny home rentals

Tiny Homes are perfect as an AirBnB rental in your backyard, or on that vacant piece of property you own.  We are selling tiny homes all over the USA and can help you get plugged into our community of Tiny Home rentals.

When you buy one of our homes, you’ll maximize the ROI for any extra space or land that you have. In select villages we are allowing some rental units.  We can completely manage the rental and send you profit sharing checks monthly.  Whether you want to buy an entire cottage, or would rather start with fractional ownership, we can help you get started in the cottage rental market

How to get started

Buy or Finance a Comet

Our Comet model is the smallest unit and the least expensive way to get into the rental market.  For about $25k you can own your own Comet. Whether in an ECLIPSE Village or in your backyard, you can earn quick rental income with your own Eclipse Cottage. Don’t want to purchase? Finance a Comet from $99/month and still receive extreme ROI from our RnR Homestays. Click here to purchase your Comet(s)

Supply your land

Have  vacant land on a piece of property that you own? Have an RV park or campground and looking to bring in more attention, more visitors, and more revenue? We’ll supply the cottage on site and take care of the rest. You receive a monthly profit-sharing check just for letting ECLIPSE expand their RnR Network. If you want to help manage, clean, or prep the cottages for overnight stays you can earn more ROI. Tiny Homes must be allowed in you local jurisdiction. (terms may apply)