Like what we’re doing? We’re looking to work with people that can help get the word out about Eclipse! As an influencer/ brand ambassador, you can earn rewards by simply sharing our content and leaving thoughtful reviews! There’s no following minimum and our products apply to multiple niches such as tiny home living, sustainability, Airb&b travel, investments, and more.

Will you join us?

  • Product reviews
  • Like/ share on social media
  • Create content about our products
  • Link to/ or sell product
  • Share news/ updates
  • Giveaways/ promos - for you to promote  
  • Must follow our social media - Cottages, Villages, Justin
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  • Submit the Form below and we will confirm via email your acceptance
Rewards/ Compensation
  • Products - switches, solar roofing, water filtration
  • Overnight stays/ vacations in our tiny homes
  • Equity in company - actual shares of our company
  • Tiny homes - we will be giving away a tiny home!!!
  • NFTs/ Crypto - We are developing several NFTs for out best influencers
  • Cryptocurrency - Not only have we minted our own token, but we'll be giving it away
  • Cash Money - We will pay you.
  • Share 4 share/ shoutout 4 shoutouts - Promote us and we will promote you.
  • Affiliate Income - when you refer actual sales, we will pay you.

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