Eclipse Village Communities

How does ECLIPSE stack up against "Affordable" housing?

When considering housing affordability, ongoing expenses are often neglected.  Most people think of the cheapest possible housing as the most affordable.  However, this view is terribly lacking.  One of the biggest issues with these so called “affordable” options is that they are extremely expensive to maintain.  Affordable houses are nothing more than cheap boxes.  Those boxes lack energy efficiency, causing larger than average electrical and gas expenses to keep the place cool or warm as needed, they include cheap appliances further exacerbating those expensive energy needs, and these boxes are created with cheaper materials and more shortcuts causing more long term repair and maintenance issues that often aren’t calculated in the houses affordability.  At ECLIPSE, we take a holistic approach to affordable housing.  After all, we believe quality does not need to be sacrificed at the alter of affordability like our competitors would like you to believe.


Is that home really affordable?

In short, consider the big picture when gauging affordability.  Your electric and gas bills will be significantly higher than the average house listed above, and energy costs are only going up.  And that manufactured home, or cheap single family residence is sure to have significant repairs needed and since they are made with cheaper materials will also require more maintenance. 

What's your health worth?

If your home is off-gassing dangerous chemicals, letting in outside pollutants and otherwise damaging your health, are you taking your future medical bills into consideration?  Our competitors “affordable” housing is slowly poisoning you, what is that worth in your affordability calculations?