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We’re a sustainable home technology company focused on energy efficiency. All of our builds utilize Fortified Solar Roofing by ECLIPSE®, Wireless smart switches, water filtration and other housing technology so that you can have a home delivered and it just works. No extra permitting, running utilities or local contractors to do any work. The company produces a cottage that generates more energy than it consumes. Additionally the technology the company is developing can be applied to existing homes. We need to start building correctly, but we also need to start fixing what has already been done.

ECLIPSE® is currently working to develop a web application that would control all of the home’s smart features, gather and share data, connect wifi internet, and allow residents to make payments, all in one place.

We use integrated steel solar roofing to reduce energy consumption and use  formulated closed cell insulation with an extremely high R value, full thermal break and complete vapor barrier. With ECLIPSE® you can live off grid, or in a community with extreme energy benefits. Our custom insulation prevents pest/insect and water intrusion, eliminates mold, mildew, smoke, pollen and other potential health contaminants.

More About Us

Our mission is to help our customers achieve abundant living by spending less time on home maintenance and investing in the things they love like family, vacations, hiking, dining out, exercise and time with friends and family.

Our Mission

Our goal is to help you maximize your life so you can focus on the things that matter.

Our Goal

Our desire is for homeowners to enjoy an abundant life free of the ongoing rituals and stresses of home and property maintenance or health concerns.

Our Desire


Our homes are optimally designed to conserve energy, be environmentally friendly, and provide the ultimate health protection so you can enjoy living without having to worry about your home and property maintenance or it’s effects on you.

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