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Welcome to our charming and vibrant village communities! Nestled amidst nature’s embrace, we proudly present three unique tiny home villages: Creek Walk, Mountain Grove, and Farmer’s Cove. Each enclave offers a delightful escape from the bustling city life, granting you the opportunity to reconnect with yourself and the serene beauty that surrounds us. Whether you dream of babbling brooks, awe-inspiring mountain vistas, or a thriving agricultural landscape, our villages have something enchanting to offer. Join us in crafting a simpler, more sustainable way of life as we embrace the joys of tiny home living. Step into a world where community thrives, and where the possibilities are as boundless as the open sky.

The Comet

we are consistently pushing the boundaries on sustainability and affordability /// we’ve created the most eco-friendly housing option known to man from only $99 a month /// welcome to the future of housing with ECLIPSE® Cottages

we offer more than a home

we provide COMPLETE sustainability

we understand the ongoing demands of maintaining a home with continuous property maintenance /// we put our customer’s quality of life first and help them live an ABUNDANT LIFESTYLE /// we are the best in home technology, construction, safety, health, and SUSTAINABLE LIVING /// our cottages are designed to leave you feeling great about your environmental stewardship /// our low-maintenance cottages allow you to live your best life

a cottage like no other

ULTRAMODERN home technology

ECLIPSE is the industry standard for home technology /// our cottages are a vessel for our state-of-the art sustainable tech /// energy efficiency, science, and innovation propel our home-tech and allow you to treasure your time /// we provide premier sustainability to lowers your carbon footprint and save our planet

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